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Selfish Stachel

Planes in this scenario: Sopwith Camel, Bristol F.2B, Fokker D. VII, Pfalz D. XII,

Sopwith Camel

Bristol F.2B

Pfalz D. XII

Fokker D. VII
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796037 krukmal, mnich_2, DarknessEternal, Dodo151days 18h
796036 cybrt54, Sinop, krukmal, DarknessEternal51days 23h
796038 Dodo1, cybrt54, krukmal, DarknessEternal58days 3h
796035 krukmal, Sinop, cybrt54, DarknessEternal63days 9h
790542 Dodo1, Scratch2002, MrSmith, Gardensnake186days 17h
784313 wiggervoss, Blackronin, saltylog, bkbb214363days 7h
767497 Dodo1, bkbb214, scotireb, VonStackel2years 84days
759200 Lonehawk, Keithandor, GregK, DarknessEternal2years 322days
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